KG2 is Australia’s leading agribusiness advocate, creating higher margins for farmers & value chain efficiencies for industry

Kg2 owns Australia’s most comprehensive farmer database which has been built up over 20 years.

Understanding the mood of the Australian agricultural market and the capacity to engage open dialogue with farmers on mass is our forte.

Kg2 can assist agribusinesses identify and talk to new farm prospects

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At KG2, we have built and maintain Australia’s largest farmer database. The KG2 farmer database maintains information regarding farming practices including new farming techniques, agriculture trends, operating details, purchasing decisions and options for supply chain efficiencies for over 203,000 farms. Our service covers 95% of Australian farms.

Our farmer database is comprehensive and unique containing information that is sourced from both government records and proprietary data sources. These data insights facilitate farmer engagement and customer related marketing activities.



Enabling the farmer and industry to leverage the most comprehensive agribusiness dataset for mutually beneficial outcomes

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90% of Australian farms are covered by our service

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With the largest information warehouse on Australian farmers

Full Service Agribusiness Market Research

KG2 is a leading agribusiness market research service provider in Australia with over 25 years of experience and a panel of over 203,000 Australian producers. Our extensive market research covers different faming types including sheep, beef, dairy, cotton, sugar, mixed farming, horticulture, grains, livestock and intensive farming practices.

We also conduct a quarterly CATI omnibus survey – AgScan™ of 1,000 farmers which is a low risk approach to understanding the mood and market dynamics of the agricultural sector.

Our market research programs can be customised to meet clients’ business needs, as well as help build market entry strategies  in the Australian farming market.

Database Building And Maintenance

KG2 engages in various database strategies including cleansing practices designed to meet each clients’ requirements. We also help our clients to create business plans to improve and maintain the quality and enrichment of their data in the future.

Our complete data cleansing and updating solutions helps to improve the condition of both tangible and intangible data of an organisation.

  • Tangible information that can be updated through our database maintenance include mail, email and phone numbers.
  • Intangible data mainly affect brand and reputation such as name, gender and addresses.

Targeted Geo Mapping And Benchmarking

With KG2 advanced geo mapping and benchmarking service, you can gain an easily consumable real-time information view on enterprise-wide risk exposure. Through this service:

Agribusiness clients can improve their regional business plan targets and customer service, product design and pricing by using informative KG2 data insights.

Clients can also optimize business development strategies and marketing campaigns to align with the current seasonal conditions and risk profiles of potential customers.

Full Service Agribusiness Direct Marketing

Through effective direct marketing, KG2 targets farmers across Australia by farm type, size of farm, income and farmers’ purchasing behaviours.

Our database marketing involves consolidating an organisation’s data about their customers and prospects in one all-encompassing database to facilitate market research and direct marketing activities. This all-inclusive database can be used for tracking and analysis of customer behaviour, predicting trends, and allows the company to learn from the data insights and conduct more focused and targeted marketing campaigns.

B2B ( In House Direct To Farmer And Agribusiness’ Call Centre ) Targeted Lead Generation

KG2 provides its clients with real-time information that allow customers interactions to be more focused, targeted and meet the forecasted objectives.

Our B2B targeted lead generation service includes:

  • Offering 24/7 customer support through the KG2 CATI farmer call centre which operates 7 days a week.
  • Calling farmers by region taking into account seasonal conditions.
  • Calling on a regular basis to build a sales pipeline using full time operations to build positive relationships.
  • Providing detailed reports captured in our CATI system to be stored in the client’s CRM system. Reach all or part of rural Australia depending on clients’ marketing objectives to build a robust direct marketing farmer engagement strategy.
  • Reach all or part of rural Australia depending on clients’ marketing objectives to build a robust direct marketing farmer engagement strategy.


Full Service Agribusiness Market research
Full Service Agribusiness Direct Marketing
B2B Targeted Lead Generation
Targeted Geo Mapping And Benchmarking
Data Base Building And Maintenance

KG2′s Offering for Farmers & Industry

The KG2 big data insights platform maintains the purchasing decisions, operating details historical performance and opinions of over 203,000 farms – representing around 95% of Australian farms. Together, these farms contribute over $60 billion to Australia’s GDP.

Our extensive datasets remain dynamic via structured outbound and inbound information gathering campaigns and complemented with both government records and proprietary data sources. The ability to analyse future markets and navigate through the shifting landscape requires market intelligence. KG2 has been the go-to resource for agribusiness stakeholders for over 20 years.

As the KG2 team is highly experienced in agricultural market research, we understand how to access information that agribusinesses and farmers want to know. As the trusted information source for farmers and agribusiness providers, we are able to sculpt buy or sell strategies across the broad spectrum of farm inputs and outputs, including:

  •   Farm insurance
  •   Banking
  •   Farm machinery
  •   Telecommunications
  •   Farm and passenger vehicles
  •   Grain sales
  •   Livestock sales
  •   Fertilisers
  •   Agricultural chemicals
  •   Animal health products
  •   Solar
  •   Seed (both pasture and cropping)
  •   Animal nutrition products
  •   Wool

Our datasets are updated regularly and are maintained through regular contact by our in-house contact centre. Our farmer database is unparalleled in its size, breadth and accuracy, with up to 400 data points per property.  Not only does this ensure rigorous, fact-based decision making, it means spotting the trends and opportunities before the competition….

all leading to more targeted benefits for the farmer and value chain efficiencies for industry.


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