Even though most parts of Australia are arid, agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy. A leading producer of wool, wine, grains (wheat and barley), meat, sugar, dairy, and fruits, agriculture contributes approximately 3% of the GDP.

The key players of the Australian agriculture industry comprise approximately 87,800 agricultural businesses (as of June 2020) of which, 99% are Australian owned and operated. These companies range in size from small-scale organisations to massive ones and are responsible for increasing the value of production to $81 billion in 2021-22.

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We have enlisted some of the best agricultural companies in Australia below –

Australian Agriculture Company

Popularly known as AACo, this company is one of the world’s leading providers of beep and other agricultural products. The Australian Agricultural Company owns about 7 million hectares of land in Queensland and the Northern Territory which equates to about 1% of Australia’s landmass. Established in 1824, AACo is one of the oldest operating companies in Australia, accredited by LPAQA, EUCAS, NFAS, WQA, and MSA quality assurance programs.

Newcastle Agri Terminal

Established in 2009 by Jock Carter and Martin MacKay, Newcastle Agri Terminal is an independent logistics company with its head office in Carrington, South Wales. This company is known to provide reliable and quality grain supply chain solutions for exporters and to enhance organic farming gate returns for growers. Newcastle Agri Terminal is not into gain marketing and focuses on simplifying supply chain operations.

AWB Limited

Having a network of 40-grain marketers in 26 locations throughout the Australian rain belt, AWB is a grain organisation business owned by Cargill Australia. The AWB trading and origination and Agrium’s Grain Flow storage and handling business was acquired by Cargill in 2011, which handles the international and domestic trading business of the country through its network of trading offices across the globe. Cargill provides world markets with an access to Australian grain and oilseeds; and processes approximately 680,000 tonnes of canola, cottonseed, sunflower seed and soybeans every year.

Jumbuck Pastoral Company

Established in 1888, Jumbuck is one of Australia’s largest sheep and cattle producers, with establishments across the entire land. The company is owned by the MacLachlan family who started the business by growing wool at Paratoo Station near Yunta, South Australia. Currently, the company produces natural and sustainable livestock and wool to Australia and the world.

Bellamy’s Organic

This is a Tasmanian-based company producing 100% Australian-made organic food and supplying the products to supermarket chains and independent stores in Australia. The key ideology of the company is to promote healthy eating practices in children. Therefore, their NASAA certified products are made of only the finest ingredients. Bellamy’s Organic was established in 2004 in Launceston as a family-operated company and was the first company to provide an organic baby formula range to Australian mothers. In 2007, Tasmanian Pure Foods Ltd. purchased Bellamy’s Organic. The sales network of the company is not only expanding into other cities and regions around the country but also to customers outside the country including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited

This company provides marketing, market research, and development services for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat producers. Meat & Livestock Australia provides services, tools, and information to create tangible benefits for livestock producers.

Consolidated Pastoral Company

This is an Australian-based Agrifood company owning and operating 20 cattle stations having a carrying capacity of 375,000 head of cattle across 5.7m hectares of land in Australia. Consolidated Pastoral Company has an enterprise value of $668 million and holds a 50% interest in a joint venture that operates two feedlots in Indonesia. The direct sales channel of the company involves selling cattle and beef to Asian markets, domestic feedlots, and exporting live cattle.

Dairy Industry Association of Australia

Incorporated on March 24, 1986, the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) is a non-profit association for dairy manufacturers and associated traders in Australia. The Dairy Industry Association is an amalgamation of the Australian Dairy Institute and the Australian Society of Dairy Technology and its mission is to provide a forum for communication, continuing education, professional growth, recognition, and fellowship for all members involved with the dairy industry.

Grain Crop

One of the top ASX 100 companies, Grain Crop is Australia’s largest agribusiness that operates a range of integrated businesses including storage & logistics, marketing, Malt, and oils, Their operations are widespread across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Singapore, China, the UK and Europe; and are known to provide an essential service across the food supply chain.

North Australian Pastoral Company

Abbreviated to NAPCO, this company is one of the Australian leaders in the cattle industry and one of the largest producers of beep, having a herd of approximately 200,000 cattle. The North Australian Pastoral Company owns and operated 13 cattle stations across Queensland and the Northern Territory, and the Wainui Feedlot on the Darling Downs.


This 60-year old Australian company is known to prove an extensive range of high-quality crop protection products. Backed by an efficient team of agriculturalists and horticulturalists who provide local information and support beneficial for Australian farmers to produce long-term sustainable outputs. The largest manufacturer of crop protection products in Australia, Nufarm has an extensive network of Regional Services Centres, ensuring farmers on-time accessibility to these products.

Dairy Farmers

On 15th January 1900 the Dairy Farmers Milk Cooperative was formed. The company started with 65 stakeholders, mostly dairy farmers from the New South Wales Illawarra region who agreed to run the organisation on co-operative lines. Dairy farmers is known to provide high-quality and nutritious dairy products in Australia.

Murray Goulburn Co-operative

This company manufactures and markets an array of dairy and nutritional products like cheese, milk powder, butter, fat, drinking milk, liquid milk products, and nutritional and value added products. Murray Goulburn has processing facilities across Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, and China and implemented a capital structure through the public listing on the ASX of the Murray Goulburn Unit Trust in 2015. However, after a period of significant challenges, Murray Goulburn made the decision to sell its operating assets and liabilities to Saputo.

Elders Limited

One of the leading agribusiness and iconic brands throughout rural and regional Australia, Elders Limited focuses on helping agricultural businesses achieve their goals. Having provided their expertise for over 180 years now, Elders Limited combines agribusiness knowledge and technical expertise to create specialised products and services, customised as per each client’s needs.

Sucrogen Australia Pty. Ltd

The largest sugar producer in Australia, Sucrogen was formerly known as CSR Sugar. This company manufactures about half of the country’s raw sugar supplies and 4% of the world’s internationally traded raw sugar. Sucrogen operates 7 sugar mills in North Queensland and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSR Limited.

Summing Up,

Statistics show that each Australian farmer produces a sufficient quantity of food to feed approximately 600 people. Australian farmers are environmentalists who own, manage and care for about 50% of Australia’s landmass.

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