Australian farm management

Technology solutions for Australian agriculture

Combining the power of innovative satellite technology and comprehensive Australian farm data, KG2 brings you robust farm management software that ensure a more sustainable future for your farming enterprise.

Australian Farm Management

Embrace data-driven farming

Make informed, strategic decisions around land use and farm management

Drive profitability through effective Australian farm data solutions.

  • Increase yields and crop production
  • Manage crop inventory and revenue effectively

Streamline your agri-business financials

Harness Australian Farm AgTech to keep track of your farm finances, manage cash flow and improve profitability.

  • Plan your farm budget to make real time financial decisions.
  • Estimate and plan costs of inventory, labour and equipment resources.

Why choose Kg2 farm management software

  • Customised to your needs
  • Integrated latest Australian farm biotech tools
  • Backed by industry leading professional support
  • Cost-effective solutions coming from market leaders