Australian Farm Management

Bringing you the best Australian farm Software to create a successful agri-business

From hassle-free record keeping to managing cash flow, take your farm operation to the next level with a dedicated farm management solution.

Prime Australian Farm AgTech Solutions

Combining the power of innovative satellite technology and comprehensive Australian Farm data, KG2 brings you robust farm management software that ensure a more fruitful future for your farming business.

Keep your farm operations in check

Utilise comprehensive planning tools to efficiently plan and optimise your day-to-day activities.

  • Auto create detailed crop plans for each of your fields.
  • Improve communication amongst the team through mobile task management.
  • Keep a tab on every individual’s recent activities in the filed in real-time.
  • Monitor team’s progress through extensive performance reporting to improve efficiency.
  • Simplify record keeping process with auto crop production recording.
Embrace the data-driven farming farming

Make informed yet strategic decisions around land use and farm management and drive profitability through effective Australian farm data solutions.

  • Increase yield on your crop production
  • Manage crop inventory and revenue effectively
  • Create well-thought out marketing campaigns
  • Share production history with customers to reinforce your relationships and boost sales.
Streamline your agri-business financials

Harness Australian Farm AgTech to keep track of your farm finances to manage cash flow through your agribusiness operations and improve profitability.

  • Easily plan your farm budget to make fruitful financial decisions in the future.
  • Estimate and plan costs of inventory, labour and equipment resources.
  • Determine opportunities to make lucrative investments and boost profitability.

Why Choose KG2 farm management software

  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Integrated latest Australian farm biotech tools
  • Backed by industry leading professional support
  • Designed while keeping common farming challenges in mind
  • Cost-effective solutions coming from market leaders
Entrust KG2 AgTech Software with your farm management needs

With the agriculture industry rapidly growing, it has never been more important for farmers to use advance agriculture biotechnology to gain a competitive advantage.

Discover how KG2 leverages Australian farm biotech to take hassle out of your farming operation and instil flexibility and efficacy into your agribusiness.

Speak with one of our agriculture experts to find a fully-fledged modular Australian farm software solution for your business.