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KG2, Australia’s largest independent farmer database, and EngageTV, Australia’s leading independent CTV and BVOD Digital TV company, launch a new digital network that segments farm size and type, helping agribusinesses communicate directly with farmers

Australia, 2 November 2022: KG2 and Engage TV have partnered to launch a new digital ‘On the Farm’ network (onthefarm.tv) to deliver dedicated and relevant information to farmers through their mobile, desktop devices and TV screens within the households on the farms.

The KG2 and EngageTV digital network partnership is the first of its kind to unite farm type and size data, with digital communication to deliver specific content to every farmer’s mobile device, and any other screens viewed in a selected region.

The KG2 and EngageTV digital device offering will reach over 95 percent of Australian farms across a range of sectors from grain, dairy and livestock,  sugar cane and cotton production in Australia. The offering segments communication to farm sizes across Australia, from 0-500 hectares to those farms greater than 2000 hectares.

Engaging with over 2,000 farmers each month, KG2 continues to source current insights around fertilizer and chemical usage, stored grain, biosecurity measures, to nutritional feed inputs and carbon farming, and more. In this way, KG2 captures a unique picture of Australian farm practices for Agricultural businesses and partners.

As a trusted resource of agricultural insights for over 30 years, KG2 aims to support the management and production for both farmers and agribusiness, using a patented technology that segments farmers by type and size of the farm, providing a uniquely targeted way of engaging with farmers.

Through EngageTV’s hyper-targeting, combined with KG2’s deep farm activity data across over 205,000 farms, advertisers are able to target farms and farmworkers based on actual activities and events on the farm at any given time.

Lee Stephens, CEO of EngageTV said, “Since the outset, we knew that Connected TV will offer unique benefits to rural and regional Australia. We are delighted to have exclusive digital access to KG2’s deep knowledge of farms, farmers, and their communities.”

Adam McNeil, CEO of KG2, added: “Our partnership with EngageTV highlights our commitment in connecting agribusinesses to Australian farmers using innovative technology and approaches. With KG2’s ability to segment Australian farms into type and size along with production stage, weather conditions, and location, we have a unique opportunity to provide information that impacts farmers day-to-day.”

Our KG2 and EngageTV network will give agribusiness greater reason to reach the digital back pockets of our Australian farmers with information, resources, and opportunities that will help and support their future in farming ”.

Visit http://www.onthefarm.tv/ for further information.

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About KG2

In operation for close to 30 years, KG2 manages Australia’s largest independent farmer database. Sourced from decades of conversations with farmers, KG2 provides unique access to data insights that shed light on current organic farming practices, management, and production. As part of the KG2 digital platform offering, KG2 has developed online map services to assess carbon capture in farmland. KG2 has been working to digitize and map soil sample data using FME and MapBoxtools from private and public sources such as satellite feed ESA Sentinel, NASA Landsat programs, and data portals to form better spatial and temporal soil maps across Australia. To complete the view, KG2 has incorporated weather data sets to provide the most accurate and contextual alert system about forthcoming weather conditions for enterprise customers and for Australian farmers, allowing for greater management and

planning. www.kg2.demolocations.com

About EngageTV

Engage TV is Australia’s most sophisticated CTV and BVOD company. We are a leader in assisting businesses to take advantage of Streaming TV and make the transition from linear to CTV/ BVOD advertising in a way that is profitable and leads the market.

For further information, visit www.engageTV.com.au