Direct Marketing

with Australia’s largest independent farmer database

Build your marketing and sales pipeline

We can reduce the time and effort involved in your lead generation campaign by taking a targeted communications approach that considers farm type, size, and seasonal conditions.

Customer retention & member engagement

Want to improve engagement and retention? We can can help with re-activation, education and awareness, helping you to improve your offering, strengthen relationships and stay in touch with customer needs.

 How we can help

  • Nurture existing leads and customers

  • Awareness and promotion

  • Product/service performance benchmarking

  • Courtesy calls

  • Event/ campaign promotion

  • Reduce customer attrition

  • Identify and mitigate churn

 Who we can call

  • New customers

  • Exisiting customers

  • Inactive customers

  • Customers nearing end of contractual term

  • Lost customers

Lead generation

We can help you build trust and lasting relationships with qualified leads, having extensive experience in the following categories:

  • Fertiliser and herbicides

  • Farm machinery

  • Agri financing package

  • Succession planning

  • Grain storage requirements

  • Animal health products

  • Crop protection products

  • Insurance – including cost
    recovery and income protection

  • Farm fencing

  • Soil moisture profiling

Enriching your data insights

Our services can help you to build and maintain your customer database.

  • Data mining

  • De – duping

  • Farm database cleaning

  • Data merging & integration

  • Secure hosting and management

  • Data hygiene

  • Campaign analysis & reporting

  • Data segmentation

  • Profiling

  • Modelling

  • White space analysis