Direct Marketing

With Australia’s largest independent farmer database

Build your marketing and sales pipeline

We can reduce the time and effort involved in your lead generation campaign by taking a targeted communications approach that considers farm type, size, and seasonal conditions.

Lead Generation

We can help you build trust and lasting relationships with qualified leads, having extensive experience in the following categories

Fertiliser and herbicides

Succession planning

Crop protection products

Farm machinery

Grain storage requirements

Insurance & Farm fencing

Agri financing package

Animal health products

Soil moisture profiling

Customer retention & member engagement

Want to improve engagement and retention? We can can help with re-activation, education and awareness, helping you to improve your offering, strengthen relationships and stay in touch with customer needs.

Impact of Technology on Agriculture

How we can help

Nurture existing leads and customers

Awareness and promotion

Product/service performance benchmarking

Courtesy calls

Event/ campaign promotion

Reduce customer attrition

Identify and mitigate churn

Choosing the Right Crop Insurance

Who we can call

New customers

Exisiting customers

Inactive customers

Customers nearing end of contractual term

Lost customers

Enriching your data insights

Our services can help you to build and maintain your customer database.

Data mining

De – duping

Farm database cleaning

Data segmentation



Data merging & integration

Secure hosting and management

Campaign analysis & reporting

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Australia’s largest independent farmer database

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