Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture promises to improve the sectors’ productivity and revenue, however, no technology is without limitations, risks or trade-offs.


The 2018 Agrifutures Australia report “Emerging technologies in agriculture: regulatory &

other challenges” provides an overview of key applications and risks associated with use of AI in agriculture.


Here are the top 4 areas they identified as potential challenges to implementation of AI in agriculture.


1.   Regulatory Issues


Whilst there is currently limited regulation for use of AI on farm, there is potential for future regulation to disrupt its proliferation, especially with increasing studies and concerns regarding privacy, safety, and certification (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).


There is a need for sector specific regulation and an ethical code of conduct for managing the implementation of AI in public and private sectors (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).



2.   Legal issues


The ability of AI to facilitate autonomous activity has generated increasing complexity regarding legal concerns for liability.


When decisions are informed by AI, ethical and regulatory frameworks are needed to ensure safety and legal compliance (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).


This requires examination of existing frameworks in the case of possible scenarios where AI could cause harm (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).



3.   Security Issues


Adoption of AI is expected to increase risk to security.


Scale, range and ease of attack is likely to increase, alongside the emergence of new threats (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).


There could be potential “spill over” effects in the agricultural industry in this sense, if adoption of AI-based systems becomes widespread (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).


4.   Skills


The need for a skilled labour force in the agricultural industry is ultimately required if AI is to reach its full potential in farming (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).


Skill shortages associated with new technology can stifle proliferation (ACIL Allen Consulting, 2018).



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Read the full Agrifutures Australia report here.




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