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Our primary research methodology is Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), which allows us to reach Australian producers in remote locations to ensure robust sample sizes and completion rates.

How we can help

Our database allows us to survey Australian farmers across all sectors and regions, ensuring your campaign is both robust and relevant.


Benchmark and track your brand value perceptions and campaign success to gauge ROI and message cut through


Segment customers and non-customers for targeted insights.

Government & Industry Body

Utilise the full breadth of KG2’s database to connect with farmers


Cross sectional and tracking studies specific to new product development, measuring campaign effectiveness and message cut through

Opportunity Identification

Identify potential growth sources and opportunities throughout the Australian agricultural industry


Identify gaps in the market and unmet needs through structured research campaigns, tailored to new product or service development

Crop Recognition and Classification


Gaining the perspective of producers through a qualitative research approach can be crucial for projects requiring deep insight for complex industry and business problems.

In-depth Interviews

Tailored surveys with open ended questions

Enhance and contextualise numerical insights

Customer journey insights

Concept development and testing


We can collect robust numerical data for cross sectional and longitudinal studies, supported by an analytics platform for ease of visualisation and comparison.

Primary Market Research

Large Sampling Capabilities

Robust Sampling Methodology

Segmentation Analytics

Market and customer segmentation is an important part of many research projects, allowing for targeted and informed decision making. We offer proprietary segmentation analytics services as well as client specific solutions for specific industry and campaign needs.


Farm Industry Specific Analysis


Market and Customer Segmentation


Benchmark and Track Over Time


Benchmark and monitor insights over time to reveal unique data trends and patterns. See our portfolio of syndicated longitudinal studies known as AgScan® for examples of industry specific solutions.

Track member and customer attitudes

Product or service satisfaction over time

Industry trends across regions and enterprise types

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Australia’s largest independent farmer database

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