Markets we serve

with the largest information warehouse on Australian Farmers

Grain and cotton production

KG2 works with the leading organisations involved in crop production in Australia.

These include:

Seed suppliers

Grain handling and storage

Grower organisations

Government agencies and bodies

Crop insurance


Here are some of the questions we can help you answer

By using KG2 market analysis and research tools , clients are able to identify users and stakeholders, detail use cases and business challenges and capitalise on internal intelligence to optimise returns on product marketing and development.


  • What is my current market share?
  • Are certain markets or market segments shifting land more to one crop or to new and different crops to manage resistance issues?
  • What is my herbicide usage from sowing to harvest?
  • How do I protect my costs and my income from sowing to harvest?

Extensive and intensive livestock

As KG2 is independent, we are able to access specialist markets.


Agriculture Specialist Markets

Agricultural service providers, product and service distribution

There are many different service providers in Australia:

  • Rural merchandise stores
  • Stock and station agents
  • Agronomists
  • Contractors
  • Vets
  • Farm consultants
  • Accountants
  • Transport companies
  • Farm machinery outlets
  • Produce stores
  • Feed mills
  • Specialised brokers
  • Succession planners

Farm machinery and equipment

How do you identify the right prospects to purchase or lease new equipment? Do you struggle to identify farming operations by size and crop type?

 KG2 can model your current customer data to help you find those customers who are most likely to buy new or additional equipment. Reach farmers anywhere implementing client specific marketing campaigns via our in house call centre and digital platform.

Farm finances and insurance

Around thirteen banking institutions service and support Australia’s farming segments.

KG2 has helped many of the leading agri-banking institutions identify the best farmers for specific service offers.

KG2 develops campaigns to target growers who require crop insurance cover.

KG2 provides large scale product awareness, keeping Australia’s farmers up to date with alternative risk management products.


The Australian sugar industry has of recent times seen some dramatic changes.

What impact has the weather pattern had on key sugar producing regions? Are escalating land prices changing production techniques? What are the environmental issues being faced by growers?

Australian Sugar Industry
Horticulture and Viticulture

Horticulture and Viticulture

Australian farmers supply the world with quality fruit, vegetables and wines, representing a multibillion dollar industry.

KG2 works closely with major growers and agribusinesses looking to build market share and integrate new technology to achieve growth and supply chain efficiencies.