Measuring On-Farm Natural Capital

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Globally, industries are adopting new performance standards such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. Kg2 has developed tools to measure natural capital assets at a farm level, enabling farmers to access to natural capital markets such as environmental offsets and the Australian carbon market.

Kg2 natural capital marketplace

Measuring and valuing natural capital
assets on-farm

Identifying landowners looking to participate in natural capital markets

Engaging landowners and connecting them to market opportunities

Supporting landholders and businesses to build nature-based projects.

Through proprietary market intelligence and remote sensing KG2 identifies and engages landholders seeking to establish environmental and carbon offset projects.

Farmer engagement model

Conducting Australian-wide natural capital market research

Conducting on-farm natural capital project feasibility assessments

Optimising farmer awareness of commercial opportunities

Connecting natural capital project developers to landholders

Build an ecosystem of strategic partners to overcome low levels of collaboration

“For over two centuries, Australian landholders have invested in and managed properties for production and sale of agricultural commodities within various market arrangements that have ultimately focused on production with less consideration of the value of natural capital used in producing those goods, and, unfortunately, this natural capital has depreciated over time”

National Farmers’ Federation
Natural Capital Statement

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