Farming is all about relationships

Producers rely on advice about products, services and operations from people they know and trust such as agronomists, retailers, stock agents, producer groups, and other farmers.

There is often at least one person between an agri-business and the farmer, leaving little or no relationship with the end user of their product or service.

While marketing efforts may concentrate on the middleman, knowing the needs, wants and issues of the end user is critical as they are the ultimate client.

Farming is a complicated business today

Things change quickly, often daily, and farmers must be agile in adaption. Maximising productivity and profitability has caused famers to increase their reliance on professionals for help.

Farmers are no longer just farming. They are project, supply chain and change managers.

Technology and digital applications are transforming farming operations as young, tech-savvy farmers are trail blazing more efficient, sustainable farming driven by technology and data.

Have you spoken to them about what they are doing and the impact on your business?

How do you establish and maintain relationships with farmers?

Communication must be easy, convenient, and targeted as farmers are busy and do not have time to waste.

At KG2 we know that farmers are happy to provide opinions and feedback about things that are important or interesting to them.

While the world is increasingly placing focus on the internet, the response from online contact is low and the quality of the feedback is typically poor and not representative.

The bottom line is that the best way to communicate with farmers is by phone and be willing to call at their convenience.

Farming contacts

You need a reliable source of farmers and influencers to call. You may have a customer database, but is it clean and up to date? What about influencers or those who are not yet customers? How do you find them?

KG2 has been collating farmer data intelligence for more than 25 years and has the country’s most comprehensive independent farmer database. More than just names, addresses and phone numbers, the KG2 database has a wealth of information about influencers and producers including more than 100 farm types, farm size, detailed location, farm income, herd size, chemical usage, farm productivity and more.

Government agencies, input manufacturers, industry-related companies and agricultural organisations rely on KG2 and its database to help them with:

  • Independent farmer feedback
  • Farmer market research
  • Farmer ad generation and farmer direct marketing
  • Product testing and field trials
  • Agribusiness marketing strategy and go to market
  • Market size, composition, Lesegmentation or potential
  • Data-driven farm management
  • Farmer database building and management
  • Chemical usage and expenditure
  • Regenerative agriculture news
  • Water usage and technology measurement tools
  • Carbon farming opportunities
  • Digital news for agriculture
  • Building farmer memberships

KG2 can help you know your market and effectively communicate with anyone in the agricultural community.