With the largest information warehouse on Australian farmers

Full Service Agribusiness Market Research

KG2 is the specialist in agribusiness research.With more than 25 years of experience, KG2 is the #1 provider of agricultural market research in Australia. We have a panel of 203,000 Australian producers that represents over 90% of Australian farmers. Farming types covered include beef, sheep, dairy, mixed farming, cotton, sugar, horticulture, grains, livestock and intensive.

We conduct a quarterly CATI omnibus survey – AgScan™ of 1,000 farmers. Accessing Agscan and adding proprietary questions is a low risk approach to understanding the mood and market dynamics of the agricultural sector.

We can customise research programs to meet your (or clients’) business needs, as well as help you formulate market entry strategies for importing in to Australia.

Database building and maintenance

KG2 applies various cleansing routines according to each client’s requirements, and can also help to determine business rules for maintaining data quality in the future. A complete data cleansing and updating process improves the condition of an organisation’s data in terms of:

  • The tangible: deliverable mail and email, useable phone numbers.
  • The intangible, mainly affecting brand and reputation. Names are personalised, correctly cased and gender-matched; addresses are neat and clean; the correct communication is sent to the right person. The last thing you want is to appear amateur or sloppy, let alone offend or annoy your customers.

KG2’s data analysis and regular updating/maintenance includes:

  • Campaign analysis & reporting
  • Data segmentation
  • Profiling
  • Modelling

Services include:

  • Data Mining
  • De – Duping
  • Farm Database Cleaning
  • Data Merging & Integration
  • Secure Hosting and Management
  • Data Hygiene

Services Provide:

  • Database Insights
  • Big Data Farming
  • Call Centre Platform
  • Database Sales

Targeted Geo Mapping And Benchmarking

KG2 can assist its clients in gaining an easily consumable, near-real-time perspective on enterprise-wide risk exposure

  • Clients can drive insights from KG2 customer data for superior customer care, product design and precision pricing
  • Clients can optimize business development strategies and marketing campaigns to align with the risk profiles of potential customers so that offers aren’t made to people they can’t or won’t insure

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Full Service Agribusiness Direct Marketing

At KG2, direct marketing is just that: direct. It’s about talking to, or with, specific, targeted farmers or stake holders in the rural community – be it by farm type and size, by income or by their intention to purchase.

Database Marketing is the practice of consolidating an organization’s data about their customers and prospects in one overarching database for marketing purposes. The database is used for tracking, measurement and analysis of customer behavior, and allows the company to learn from the data insights and segment its customers and conduct targeted marketing campaigns.

B2B ( In House Direct To Farmer And Agribusiness’ Call Centre ) Targeted Lead Generation

By providing near-real-time information to the client, KG2 helps ensure that each customer interaction is targeted, focused, and delivers against forecasted objectives. Services include:

  • Operating 7 days per week the KG2 CATI farmer call centre is unique.
  • We call farmers by region taking into account seasonal conditions.
  • We call on a regular cycle using full time operators who can build relationships.
  • As part of the process we provide our clients contact comprehensive reports that are captured in our CATI system and become an integral part of our clients’ CRM system.
  • The KG2 farmer call centre is a direct marketing engagement strategy that is able to reach all or part of rural Australia depending on our clients marketing objectives.