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With the largest information warehouse on Australian farmers


As an agribusiness owner or employee, you need to know about your customer’s attitudes toward your products or services. In fact, a whole branch of marketing called attitudinal segmentation can help you market toward customers that have positive attitudes about your company. KG2 has identified five separate groups in Australian agriculture regardless of the industry they are involved with. Identifying these attitudinal groups allows marketing campaigns to be developed that target your marketing based on your customers’ attitudes. It’s a very powerful tool that ensures that the customers your service offering or product is most attractive to, will respond in the manner that has been identified in the research.


Imagine being able to get into the mind of the market.

When you get access to Agscan, you gain the opportunity to learn insights and understanding of the broadacre producers of Australia.

You get to ask the questions.

When we schedule a research program, those questions are then asked of a sample audience, based on selection criteria, and reported back to you.


We offer a range of risk management products for the agribusiness sector, helping you sustain growth and compete internationally.

Current projects include:

  • A national grain storage analysis
  • An analysis of the farm insurance market
  • An in-depth study profiling Australia’s largest corporate and family owned farms
  • An analysis of the potential impacts of foreign or exotic disease introductions to Australia
  • Tracking rural confidence
  • Tracking farmer’s intentions to borrow money and what is driving this behaviour


KG2 has successfully managed lead generation for the following categories:

  • Fertiliser
  • Farm machinery
  • Agri financing packages
  • Refinancing
  • Grain storage requirements
  • Animal health products
  • Crop protection products
  • Insurance – including crop, general insurance etc.
  • Farm fencing

Increasing Existing Customers Sales

  • Interaction with existing customers should include some ability to record further information about their farming enterprise so that specific offers can be sent to these customers. Sales leads will be passed to dealers.
  • Using the strategy of ‘help us to help you’ and adhering to privacy laws, this information should be collected and entered into the database for future campaigns.
  • Matching products and services to farm needs greatly increases new sales from existing customers

New Customer Acquisition

  • New customers provide the opportunity to generate sales from competition.
  • Using the same strategy as existing customers of ‘help us to help you’ and adhering to privacy laws, information can be collected and entered into the database
  • Sales leads can be passed to dealers or area managers to follow up.
  • Targeted lead generation campaigns can be be implemented in agreed regions, by farm types and sizes according to seasonal activity.


KG2 can assist agribusiness’ with their proposed seasonal product usage indications, including:

  • Which distributor or reseller group these purchases will be made at
  • Critical months of delivery and anticipated product usage
  • Likely usage in kilos, tonnes, litres
  • Areas treated in hectares