Psychographic profiles to enhance research insights 

KG2’s Five Faces of Australian Agriculture® segments Australian farmers into five ‘faces’ using attitudinal, demographic, life cycle and agribusiness metrics.

Meet the Five Faces of Australian Agriculture®

While new technologies, weather volatility and market dynamics all contribute to the ever-changing landscape of Australian agriculture, The Five Faces® enriches research data, analysis and insights to include the mindset, attitudes and confidence of farmers against this industry backdrop.

Number 1

Business Minded

“…you’re right, you have to work at it but farming is a real business today!”

Number 2

Questioning Involvement

“Staying in this business is damn tough!”

Number 3

Confident, established

“This land has served my family and I pretty well”

Number 4

Preparing to leave

“There has to be more to life than farming?”

Number 5

Committed – but doing it tough

“It’s a battle but I am going to win!”

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