About Us

With the largest information warehouse on Australian farmers

The KG2 Difference

The KG2 database maintains the purchasing decisions, operating details and opinions of over 203,000 farms – that’s 90% of Australian farms covered by the service. Our extensive database is unique as it is sourced through both government records and proprietary data sources. Imagine what your organization could accomplish with a fully integrated approach to customer-related database sales and marketing activities. We have been providing business critical services for over 25 years.

Why KG2
  • Database of 203,000 farm records Build and maintain a fact based marketing database
  • Over 25 years experience We are specialists in agriculture and agribusiness
  • Agricultural market research Provides valuable market intelligence for strategy development
  • Comprehensive data mining and benchmarking Data collected quarterly on farm size, income, farm type by geographic location
  • One stop shop direct marketing specialists Understand the blue print of your best customers and find more like them risk visualisation coming soon..