Australian Carbon Farming

with Australia’s largest independent farmer database

Carbon farming solutions for Australian agriculture

Combining the power of innovative satellite technology and comprehensive Australian farm data, KG2 brings you robust farm management software that ensure a more sustainable future for your farming enterprise.

Australian Farm Management

Sustainable Carbon Farming

Education and communication of carbon farming opportunities


Australian farmers are in a prime position to become global leaders in carbon farming, with the opportunity to enhance land health, productivity and increase revenue through regenerative practices

Why hasn’t Australian carbon farming worked?

  1. Low farmer awareness
  2. Ability to measure carbon
  3. Ability to commercialise a return on investment for farmers (patent pending)
    Australian Farm Management

    KG2 Carbon Removal Exchange™ Project

    • Undertake national market research
    • Establishing farm specific carbon credit capability
    • Optimise farmer awareness of commercial opportunities
    • Build an ecosystem of strategic partners to overcome low levels of collaboration
    • Piloting Australia’s first scalable carbon initiative

      Australian Farm Management

      “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it”

      Barack Obama