Access to more than 50 banks and lenders with just one call…


KG2 – Australia’s largest independent farmer database will offer Australian farmers on its database, referrals to business lending specialist Valiant Finance. This will enable farmers to find the right farm loan solution to run and grow their farming enterprises.


Farmers are busy people…

The integration of Valiant’s proprietary platform with KG2’s farmer database will enable the farmers to obtain a quote or a call back and book an appointment with a Valiant Business Finance Specialist at a time that suits them.


Valiant Business Finance Specialists will help farmers navigate the options available to get the right farm loan at the best rate.  Valiant’s business lending platform manages the end-to-end process from enquiry to settlement.


KG2 has been talking to farmers for over 20 years and understands that banking interest charges are a major cost in running the farm. Last financial year national farm debt totalled $87 billion, growing by $12.7 billion in the previous 12 months, if KG2 can save farmers even 0.5% on average that would be a significant win for the Australian farmers .


”KG2 can now present farmers the opportunity to access a full range of financial products, at rates they might not otherwise be exposed to.” Andrew Negline, KG2 Commercial Director


“Valliant’s goal is to become the only place for business finance, in the process helping as many Australian businesses as possible” says Paul Barker, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Valiant. “Partnering with KG2 opens up a large, underserviced sector of Australian businesses where we can really add value to a farmer’s business and save them valuable time”


Valiant has helped to fund more than $750 million in lending for its customers since 2015.


For further information please contact:


KG2 – Adam McNeill, [email protected]

Valiant – Andreas Polizois, [email protected]