The driving force behind smart farming in Australian agriculture is the “Internet of Things” which is connecting smart machines and sensors integrated on farms to make farming processes data-driven, data-enabled- allowing decision making power in real time.

IoT provides  a platform for smart Farming in Australian agriculture, and will effectively drive the current and next generation of farming. This will enhance visibility and profitability for smart farmers by providing ability to make better decisions on farm and fully integrate data driven supply chains with direct marketing.

How  smart farming using IoT can help Australian Agriculture

Smart farming is increasingly emerging beyond concept to reality. In Australian Agriculture, managing  farms using IoT technologies, robotic farming and drones combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products while optimizing labour required for production. There are a plethora of applications and technologies within smart farming.

Sensors and meters

IoT connected sensors and meters can be installed on farm to track livestock and collect data variable including

  • soil moisture
  • rainfall
  • air quality
  • wind speed and
  • wind direction

Data Insights and combing technologies

Data collected on farm can be used to assist decision making in relation to crop nutrition, crop protection and product application. A combination of software, robotics and GPS or satellite data can be used to enable location based decisions. . The list is endless when it comes to data analytics and connectivity based cellular technology that can enhance and perpetuate smart farming applications.

Smart farming benefits

Smart Australian agriculture will see farmers armed with tools that can monitor field conditions without even going to the paddock, allowing for strategic decision making for the whole farm or for a single plant or animal. IoT can bring direct marketing of products such as farm inputs, livestock, Farm insurance australia and finance to the farm gate by providing data and connection to enhance relations and understanding of individual enterprises with service providers. It will be the equivalent of “Youi” car insurance products which are customised to meet the specific driver attributes; for smart farming it will be tailored solutions for the farmer, farm type and the specific landscape of every enterprise in Australian Agriculture.

Smart farming using IoT will bring an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making to Australian agriculture, making possible an enduring ecosystem of innovation in the eldest of industries. Direct marketing for inputs and outputs both on and off farm will change the face of Australian agriculture. Smart farming maybe slow in the current uptake, but rest assured it is here and making real traction.