Every farm is unique and needs inputs, services and products that are specific to the operation’s size, crop or stock type, location and production stage.

This presents great challenges for marketers and government bodies wanting to engage with producers with the right message at the right time.

Until now marketers have identified prospects using a combination of their own data, contextually relevant publications, sites targeting the broader community farming, and search data, which often results in a generic rather than individual marketing approach.

This problem has been solved thanks to KG2’s innovative new digital media platform.

This patented platform provides front-end segmentation of KG2’s proprietary database of 200,000+ primary producers to build a list of producers with specific characteristics. The segmentation includes variables such as location, farm type or farm size and, in what is believed to be an Australian first, can target producers according to seasonal conditions and stage of production.

Adam McNeill, Managing Director, KG2 comments, “KG2 has worked closely with agribusiness and government over the years as their trusted source of outreach and data. Direct farmer engagement has always been the goal. Farmers are busy people and getting their attention is always a challenge. This new patented digital channel is unique in the Australian market and enhances our capability to connect brands and governments to our diverse farming and rural communities.“

Allegiant Media works with agri-focused marketers and their agencies to develop and implement digital display, video and social campaigns directed to the target audience’s devices regardless of when, where or what they are browsing. This allows for pre-emptive marketing rather than waiting hopefully for a prospect to be triggered by their interaction with a related product, service, or search.

Allegiant Media’s platform virtually eliminates wastage as advertiser creative is only shown to audiences associated with the desired producer type and other agreed targeting parameters.

Chris Parker, Managing Director, Allegiant Media says, “We’ve been generating significant results for our clients by being able to target messaging down to the farm type and beyond. And, by understanding where each producer is on their production cycle, we can further optimise our approach. Typically, our campaigns are implemented across mobile devices using display, video and social formats.”

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