Biotechnology is a burning topic in Australian agriculture with multiple incentives for research and development (R&D) and commercialisation. Australia is one of the most highly developed nations in the Southern Hemisphere, known for its enormous wool trade and iron ore wealth. At the same time, the country is known for its biotech companies. The country’s research and development (R& D) tax incentives aid biotech companies in the country. These australian based companies also enjoy various capital sources like the Medical Research Fund and Biomedical Translation Fund.

In this blog, we have enlisted

Biotechnology Industry

Top 5 Australian Farm Biotech Companies

  1. Genics: Founded in 2018 in Brisbane, Australia, Genics works with the global shrimp industry. They adopt health management initiatives and minimise the risk of pathogens in culture and increase output in the shrimp business. Having an experience of 50 years, coupled with scientific training, Genics is known to create intricate and customised health sampling programs that are statistically significant and deliver pathogen data using their exclusive Shrimp MultiPath PCR testing technology in an efficient manner.
  1. The Leaf Protein Co.: The Leaf Protein Co. was founded in 2020 and is known to fuse science with advanced manufacturing techniques to unlock Rubisco, the planet’s most abundant protein source derived from leafy vegetables. The ultimate goal of this Melbourne-based company is to build a collection of useful protein-rich products from sustainable sources. The first protein they created was from the leftovers of green crops which serve in foaming and gelling.
  1. Far More: Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2019, Far More has a single platform that connects different stakeholders in the company’s community-based approach. Known to cultivate superior quality coffee, the company collaborates with small independent coffee growers. Through the Far More brand, the latest technology and expanding marketplaces in Asia, Australia, and the USA, this market-making company is dedicated to achieving better and more reliable returns for producers.
  1. ProAgni Pty Ltd: ProAgni Pty Ltd was established in Lavington, Australia in 2016; and is a revenue-generating agricultural bioscience company. The company creates and markets commodities for livestock nutrition that help boost agricultural profits and tackle challenges like food security, antimicrobial resistance, and emissions. They are a future of affordable, plentiful, and clean food. Their patent-pending support technology ProTechtTM is a complex nutritional system for feeding livestock and sheep with highly fermentable diets that is devoid of antibiotics and ionospheres.
  1. Magic Valley: Birthed in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, Magic Valley is founded to meet the future protein demands of the expanding population. Known to develop healthy and delicious cultivated meat products, this company is non-GMO and is nutritionally optimised for human health with less saturated fat, more Omgea-3, and vitamins. Taking a biopsy from live animals, they culture the cells in FBS-free media, reprogramming them to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

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