Australian Farm Job - FAQ

Are you planning on travelling to Australia while earmarking some money for the future?

If yes, then the best option for you is to look for farm crops jobs in Australia.

Several recognized Australian farms offer job opportunities to people, including Australians, to get job opportunities and kickstart their careers in agriculture while exploring the majestic country.

In this blog, we have discussed the most commonly asked questions on ways to get a suitable Australian farm job.

 Australian Farm Jobs: FAQs

To find a suitable opportunity, you need to know about:

  1. Types of Farm Jobs in Australia

There are different types of job opportunities in Australian farms including horticulture, aquaculture, livestock, poultry, meat processing, and more. These farm job opportunities depend on seasonal variations and usually, there are several options to choose from. Several overseas visitors are employed in Australian farms every year.

Reports from the Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment in 2021 stated that “agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry employed an average of 325,000 people over the course of year”.

  1. The Relevance of Farm Workers in Australia

Farm workers support not only the country’s economy but also the national food supply. Producing more than 90% of food consumed in the country, agribusinesses contribute significantly to enhanced environmental outcomes as they occupy about 51% of the country’s land.

  1. Eligibility Criteria to Work on an Australian Farm

Regardless of your nationality, age, or stage of life, you are eligible to work on an Australian farm, provided you have the right visa for the work you intend to get into. Usually, international workers need to go through an application process and decide which job is best suited for them.

You need to match the below-mentioned criteria to get a farm job in Australia:

  • As an overseas worker, you would need to submit some mandatory paperwork and pay an application fee to get the right work visa. Even though obtaining the right work visa isn’t the only job search stage, it is one of the most essential ones to determine your eligibility.
  • Another important aspect to work in Australian farms is your ability to accept and endure challenges, especially during busy seasons with more workload.
  • There are several job opportunities available even for unskilled workers; hence, experience is not an essential factor in the agricultural industry. However, having experience can position you in a better place.
  1. How to Get a Farm Job in Australia?

To get a job on an Australian farm, you need to go through a recruitment specialist. If you aren’t skilled in the agricultural sector, try looking for entry-level farm jobs. You can start by:

  • Consulting a recruitment agency that would match the right job with your skill sets.
  • Looking for jobs online, just like searching for any other jobs on a job portal. Candidates can filter their job search as per their preference and look for industry-specific opportunities.
  • Joining a harvest as these seasonal events take place throughout the year and they require thousands of workers.
  1. How much Money Can a Farm Worker in Australia Earn?

There are several opportunities that will fetch you handsome remuneration. However, the pay scale varies depending on the type of job you opt for, the location, and the season. Although the minimum rates are legally approved, any extra time you devote to farm work, especially during peak seasons, would boost your earnings.

  1. The Best Season to Find a Farm Job in Australia

Although you can find farm jobs all year long in Australia, however, the roles would vary based on seasons. During the first half of the year, you would get several opportunities along the East coast and in the south when crops like rice, vegetables, and almond are harvested immensely. From April to October, you would find cotton and citrus harvests. Again, in the summer months, you would get harvesting jobs in Queensland with mangoes and grains being harvested in full swing.

  1. Where to Find the Best Farm Job in Australia?

The best opportunities for farm jobs in Queensland are in Atherton Tablelands, Bowen, Ayr, and Stanthorpe, characterized by avocados, mangoes, vegetables, and citrus in huge supply. Travelling to New South Wales or Victoria, you would get opportunities in grape picking, citrus fruits or stone fruits. In Tasmania, the aquaculture industry is known to provide great job opportunities, along with other options for picking cherries and berries.

  1. Qualification Requirements to Get a Job in Australia

You need not have any specific qualifications or experience to get an entry-level job in Australia. All you need is the zeal to learn and work hard. There are also certain job opportunities where semi-skilled workers are required. Regardless of the sector you want to work in, obtaining a license can fetch your better job opportunities in Australia.

Wrapping Up,

If you are planning on visiting Australia to travel and earn money at the same time, getting an Australian farm job is the best way to do so.

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